Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen
Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen
Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen
Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen
Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen
Futorum Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen

Watch Face "4Ladies 02"

4Ladies 02
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Analog informative watchface with tracking water intake and calculation of water balance in the body at the current time.

The watchface is not a medical program and serves to approximate estimation of the water balance in the human body.
The maximum quantity of water intake per day is 2.5 liters.
This indicator is taken from the average statistical values of necessary water consumption.
The watchface does not take into account individual user data: age, weight, physical activity, etc.
Water intake accounting unit 1 cup = 250 ml.

The current state of the water balance is displayed as an animated water level.
If you do not consume water for some time, the indicator on the watchface go down to the red zone.
This means that you need to drink water and replenish the water balance in the body, see "Screen 4".
At a normal level of water balance, the indicator is in the middle of the blue zone.

You need to manually enter each consumed glass of water.
To add a consumed glass of water, click on the "+" icon, on the water balance indicator (single tap on area 8, "Screen 3").
On the screen that appears, enter the number of glasses consumed at the current time with the help of the "-" and "+" buttons.
The total amount of water consumed per day is displayed on the scale at the top of the water balance indicator (area 10, "Screen 2").

Please note!

The goal of water intake 2.5 liters is constant and is not related to the goal of water intake in S-Health.

Contains information, see "Screen 2", areas:

  1. Step counts
  2. Moved distance
  3. Burned calories
  4. Floors
  5. Heart rate
  6. Battery level
  7. Moon phase and Month
  8. Day of week
  9. Day of month
  10. Water balance, see "Screen 4"

The time format(12/24h) and units of measurement(km/miles) switches automatically.

8 predefined shortcuts for launching applications, see "Screen 3".
Make single tap to area:

  1. S-Health
  2. Phone
  3. Weather
  4. Alarm clock
  5. S-Voice
  6. Settings
  7. Calendar
  8. Add consumed glass of water, 1 glass = 250 ml

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Supported Samsung Watches: Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Gear S2

Watch Face "4Ladies 02"Watch Face "4Ladies 02"Watch Face "4Ladies 02"Watch Face "4Ladies 02"Watch Face "4Ladies 02"

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