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Watch Face "Weather W1"

Weather W1
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Сomfortable watch face with weather forecast, combined 25-hour charts and current location.

✅ Weather

  • Weather forecast for today and 1-6 days
  • 3 combined 25-hour weather charts (temperature + precipitation, pressure + precipitation, pressure + wind speed/gust/direction)
  • 25-hour forecast chart (temperature, precipitation, wind and gust, pressure, UV-index)

✅ Customization

  • 6 background colors
  • 6 colors of time symbols
  • 8 customizable app shortcuts
  • 5 customizable information blocks

✅ Misc

  • Information about the current location on the basis of OpenStreetMap (street/highway, city, country, zip code, etc.)
  • GPS coordinates (Lan/Lon, DMS, MGRS)
  • Sunrise, sunset time, moon phase and age
  • Hourly signal (vibro, sound, speech in 24h format, speech in 12h format)
  • Multilingual (supports more than 40 languages)

✅ Units

  • Distance - km, mile, nautical mile
  • Speed - m/s, km/h, mile/h, knots
  • Temperature - °C, °F
  • Pressure - hPa, mmHg, inchHg


Hourly speech signal:

  • You need an active internet connection to play back hourly speech.
  • Supported languages for speech - english, german, korean and russian.

Weather and address information:

  • To obtain weather forecast you need an active Internet connection and the enabled "Location" option on your device.
  • It is enough to get the coordinates once so that the watch face remembers them. After that, you can disable the "Location" on your device.
  • The accuracy of the geocoding data depends on the accuracy of the location information. But no more precisely 50-100 m from the point where you are.

Health - steps, calories and heart rate:

  • The watch face does not import information from the built-in S-Health application.
  • The watch face has its own individual step counter and calorie calculation algorithm, and it does not continue to count the daily number of steps and calories on the current day, like other watch faces.

✅ Shortcuts to access functionality and launch applications, see "SCREEN 2".
Make a "single tap" in the area to:

  1. Open Calendar App
  2. Open App Launcher
  3. Open OPTIONS MENU (see SCREEN 5)
  4. Customize steps
  5. Open WEATHER (see SCREEN 3)
  6. Switch to application shortcut setting mode
  7. Customizable shortcuts to launching apps

✅ Area 8 - SWIPE UP and DOWN or make a "single tap"!

  • SWIPE UP and DOWN to area 8 to select 1 of 9 center blocks (see SCREEN 6)
  • If block 1-7 is selected, then a single tap on area 8 will open the weather screen (see SCREEN 3)
  • If block 8-9 is selected, then a single tap on area 8 will refresh coordinates and weather

Weather screen, see "SCREEN 3":

  1. Weather icon
  2. Low/High and Current AIR temperature
  3. Low/High and Current APPARENT air temperature
  4. Your city
  5. Visibility
  6. Precipitation type, Probability (0-100%) and Intensity
  7. Atmosphere pressure
  8. Humidity (0-100%)
  9. Dew point
  10. Wind direction
  11. Wind speed and Wind gust
  12. UV-Index (0-10)
  13. Swiping area, see "SCREEN 4"
    Swipe up and down area 13 to select 1 of 7 info blocks

7 information blocks on weather screen, see "SCREEN 4":

  1. Weather summary (on selected date)
  2. 25-hour air TEMPERATURE forecast
  3. 25-hour PRECIPITATION forecast
  4. 25-hour WIND and GUST speed forecast
  5. 25-hour atmospheric PRESSURE forecast
  6. 25-hour UV-index forecast
  7. Sunrise, sunset, day duration, moon phase and moon age

✅ Options menu, see "SCREEN 5":

TAB 1 - main settings

  • Location update interval
  • Distance units
  • Air temperature units
  • Pressure units
  • Speed units
  • Hourly signal mode

TAB 2 - goals and style

  • Goal of Counting Steps
  • Background color
  • Time symbols color

✅ 5 information blocks, see "SCREEN 6":

  1. 5-day  weather forecast
  2. Combined 25-hour chart
    • Forecast of air Temperature and probability of Precipitation
    • Hourly weather change
  3. Combined 25-hour chart
    • Forecast of Pressure and probability of Precipitation
    • Hourly weather change
  4. Combined 25-hour chart
    • Forecast of Pressure and wind speed and direction
  5. Coordinates and your location

✅ Legal notes:

Weather forecast - World Weather Online
Geocoding - © OpenStreetMap contributors
Text-to-Speech - Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

✉ Dear users, if you have any questions with our watch faces or applications, please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, perhaps you will find the answer to your question.

Supported Samsung Watches: Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3

Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"Watch Face "Weather W1"

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